Q1: How do I get started?

  1. Register your account.
  2. Keep your Password and Login for next time.
  3. Go to the shop.
  4. Find your Book or eBook.
  5. Once you decided on a Book "Add to Cart".
  6. "View Cart".
  7. Proceed to "Checkout".
  8. Complete your details.
  9. "Place order".
  10. Download our eReader.
  11. Open your eReader on multiple devices, such as a computer / laptop, and phone / tablet.
  12. Register your account in your eReader (only the first time).
  13. Register your eStore (only the first time).
  14. All your eBooks will be on your device in your eReader.

Q2: How do you get your eBooks? Or are you struggling with the eReader after you have ordered and paid?
A2: Before an eBook can be used, you have to download the eReader.

  1. Download the Reader:

Credo eReader

How to add eStores

Q3: Doesn’t the courier option want to work?
A3: Make sure you complete your address correctly, and that you have indicated the AREA/SUBURB. Click on “Calculate shipping” and choose a courier option.